"Helping you be you in this social world we live in"

Spectrum offers a variety of recreation services to address the needs of our clients by using community recreation activities as the modality for improving such skills as independence, social, physical fitness, and awareness of others and their environment. Our trained recreation staff works in collaboration with a team of professionals at Spectrum who specialize in social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. We work with individuals with social anxiety and social communication challenges (such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD/NOS, ADD, and Non-Verbal Learning Disorder). Our approach allows us to offer our clients quality and holistic services that are meaningful and functional.

Spectrum’s recreation services are offered at two levels, Recreation Therapy & Recreation Support.

Recreation Therapy Services – Recreation Therapy Flyer

The purpose of recreation therapy is to help our clients grow by teaching them usable skills in community-based settings.

Services are provided by by Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) who specialize in assessment, facilitation, and evaluation of recreation therapy interventions. All Spectrum CTRSs are graduates of a college or university program with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation and meet the credentialing standards set forth by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

Our CTRSs design individualized programs with emphasis on what is important to our clients and their families. We create measurable goals and objectives to meet specific areas of skill growth and development related to recreation pursuits. Our goal is to then generalize these learned skills so that the client can enjoy various recreation opportunities with family and peers.

Examples of Recreation Therapy would include:

  • Teaching an individual the skills needed to successfully participate in a bowling activity
  • Creating an individualized fitness program, including teaching safe exercise practices
  • Developing greater community access by improving skills with executive functioning (such as money and time management) and assertive communication skills to get needs met

Recreation Support Services

The purpose of this service is to support individuals in community recreation pursuits.

Recreation support services focus on helping our clients to occupy their time in meaningful and functional ways. This service supports learned skills (not new instruction) to maintain successful participation in recreation opportunities.

Examples of Recreation Support would include:

  • Guiding the individual through a bowling game to ensure safe participation
  • Supervising a workout program to ensure that the individual is safely engaged
  • Supporting successful community access by offering prompts to check for change after a transaction and support in asking for help from community workers.


Spectrum accepts only direct payment for our services. However, Spectrum is a CLASS services provider for Recreation Therapy services.

For more information regarding our recreation services, please contact us at 512-524-5482 or email info@spectrumsocial.net