1st-12th Social Skills Groups

Spectrum accepts enrollment applications at any time for new students.  Decision on best time to start a group is based on the individual’s needs and group progress at the time of enrollment.

Review our application for specific dates, tuition fees, and more regarding the current / upcoming session.  Submit your completed application form to apply for enrollment in a social skills group at Spectrum.

We develop Social Skills Groups topics based on the needs of our students – special topic groups have included….

Team Sports Social Group  – Learn the ins and outs of team sports and related social interactions in a group designed to give our students a chance to play team sports.

Girl Power – Girls examine the unique issues of girl relationships and growing up including positive self-esteem, body image and more…

Transition – Students explore transition challenges and solutions related to Middle School, High School, or College.

Interpersonal Relationships / Dating – Young adults discuss dating and relationship issues in a safe and supportive small group.