Adult Groups

Adult Groups

Spectrum accepts enrollment applications at any time for new students.  Decision on best time to start a group is based on the individual’s needs and group progress at the time of enrollment.

Review our application forms for specific dates, tuition fees, and more.  Submit your completed form to apply for enrollment in a social skills group at Spectrum.

Spectrum’s adult groups will be offered as either one hour or two hour groups.  The length of the group is based on the content and intent of the group.  Any group that includes community based instruction (travel in the community) will be a two hour group.  Groups that do all of their work on-site will be one hour groups.

Applicants are offered the group(s) we believe will best meet your needs and help you progress toward your goals based on the information you provide.

Instructional / Therapeutic Groups – one hour on-site programs focused on instructional and therapeutic interventions for skill acquisition, development and progress in need areas.  This model follows our traditional social skills instruction model of in classroom instruction, practice, and discussion.

Community Based Groups – provide opportunities for students to work on their social skills in natural contexts in various community settings. These groups will also work on the practical executive functioning skills needed to participate successfully in community-based social activities (e.g., planning, initiation, working memory, inhibition control, emotional regulation)

Spectrum staff provide a combination of instruction and coaching as we support students with: new skill acquisition; generalization of learned skills to new contexts; and guided practice to improve and maintain emerging skills.