Behavior Therapy

Spectrum’s trained Behavior Specialists work with individuals and families to identify the causes of objectionable, maladaptive behaviors then design programs to replace those behaviors with healthier, more preferred behaviors.

Spectrum provides Behavior Intervention services in the home and community as determined by the target behavior being addressed.  Our specialists work with the client and the family to change undesired behavior by:

  • Identifying the triggers of the undesired behavior
  • Teaching skills needed to manage the undesired behavior when it does occur
  • Identifying interventions needed to prevent the undesired behavior
  • Teaching skills needed for a new, desirable, replacement behavior
  • Reinforcing (and teaching others to reinforce) the new behavior so it replaces the undesired behavior

In addition to direct services, Spectrum offers parent training workshops and classes designed to support the special parenting needs of families loving children with special needs.  Courses include:

  • Verbal De-Escalation and Behavior Management
  • Love and Logic
  • Aspergers and Autism 101

See our parent coaching and training page for more information.