Our goal is to deliver the highest quality services available to our clients.  Our focus is on our clients and their needs and our fees for services have been structured to deliver professional services from qualified therapists who are not limited in delivering the best care possible by the rules of insurance companies.

Spectrum is private pay only, meaning we do not file insurance or medicaid for services.  We do work with some state and third party agencies for families who receive CLASS, HCS or funding from their school district or another third party.

For more information on funding options – Funding Options for Services

Private pay has several advantages for our clients and our providers:

Improved Services for our Clients:  Most insurance companies have policies regarding diagnosis requirements, treatment limits, and approved modalities of treatments.  Through private pay, we are able make recommendations based on your needs and set appropriate goals, length of treatment and treatment modality.

Savings for our Clients:  We are able to charge less for our services because we don’t spend valuable hours on insurance paperwork nor do we have staff hired solely for the purpose of managing insurance payments, billings and forms.

Privacy for our Clients:  A behavioral health diagnosis is a requirement to use medical insurance covering the costs of behavioral health services; this diagnosis becomes a permanent part of your medical record.

Fees for our services are listed below:


Counseling Fees

Spectrum’s counseling fees vary based on both the training and experience level of the therapist as well as the services being provided.  We hire a limited number of Interns who see clients at a reduced rate while they complete their training under supervision.

Spectrum offers individual, family, and couples therapy with fees ranging from $65 to $220 per 50 minute session.

$65 rate – Clients may see an Intern or a fully licensed therapist with a sliding scale appointment opening.  Sliding scale appointments are limited and usually only available during the hours of 10am to 2pm Monday through Friday.

$150 rate – Clients will see a fully licensed therapist at a mutually convenient appointment time. This rate applies to Individual Therapy and some Family Therapy sessions.

$220 rate – This rate applies to most Family and Couples Therapy sessions and is only scheduled with a fully licensed therapist.

To learn more about our counseling services – visit Our Counseling Page


Social Skills Training Fees

We offer both individual and group social skills instruction and will recommend the service that best suits your current needs once your application has been reviewed and an initial intake has been completed.

Individual social skills instruction is provided in our offices with fees from $80 to $100
per 50 minute session based on the experience level of the instructor.  Clients who need intensive 1:1 social skills instruction with a highly experienced provider will not be matched to a lesser experienced provider.

Group social skills instruction is tuition based and fees vary depending on the number of sessions during each term.  For details on the current session including enrollment process and current tuition costs please visit our Forms Page and review our information on Social Skills Groups.


Recreation Services Fees

Recreation Services are an integral part of Spectrum’s goal to help our clients connect mind and body for learning, growth and overall well-being.

We offer Aquatic Therapy and Recreation Therapy to clients at rates from $80 to $100 per hour depending on the needs of the client and provider experience.  Therapy is provided in an environment selected by the provider and client to best serve the therapeutic goals.

Spectrum also offers Recreation Support Services designed for clients who do not need therapeutic intervention but are looking for trained support while engaging in recreational activities in the community.  Support services are available in packages of 6 hours for $240 per package.  

For more information about Recreation Services – click here



Behavior Therapy Fees

Spectrum’s solution focused Behavior Therapy intervention helps clients (and their families) meet their behavioral goals in a positive, realistic way.  Behavior Therapy rates are $100 per hour and provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Read more about our Behavior Therapy philosophy.